DocuSystems is Pleased To Announce New, Affordable Help Desk Program

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    DocuSystems is Pleased To Announce New, Affordable Help Desk Program

    Help Desk Program by DocuSystems Inc.

    DocuSystems is pleased to announce our new, highly affordable help desk program that enables us to take even more worry out of your business’ IT concerns.

    Split into two tiers, the first is Basic Help Desk support that is available to all customers who currently have a copier or printer under contract with us. This program covers printing or scanning problems, installing new drivers or setting up new Windows PC’s so that you can print or scan to your existing copiers.

    We have technology that will allow us to remotely access your current computer system (with your permission each time or on demand if you wish) and take care of most of these situations. This will eliminate the expense of sending a tech on-site to address things not covered by your standard copier maintenance agreement.

    The second tier of support is for full IT Help Desk support. Using the same technology, we can remotely access your network and address most all computer, server, firewall, router and other network related problems. Included with this bundle is remote monitoring of your PC’s performance that will help alert us to problems before they become serious and Bit Defender anti-virus is included too! Coverage for up to 10 Window PC’s per location is just $89.00 per month!

    Getting setup with this new help desk program is simple and only a phone call away: 843-448-4141 or use this form to contact us today to learn more about taking full advantage of this new program.

    DocuSystems Staff
    DocuSystems Staff
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