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Managed IT Services

IT Management

With today’s business workloads increasingly relying on IT infrastructure, it’s becoming more and more of a hassle for organizations to protect and manage their assets. Some organizations can manage smaller tasks, but will be ready in case of:

  • Large Scale Data Loss

  • Cloud Storage Failures

  • Unseen Security Vulnerabilities

  • Productivity Loss

Equipping a full-time IT department has become costly for most companies, so what can you do?

The Managed IT Solution

Instead of bringing on massive in-house overhead to maintain your IT, go with a comprehensive, affordable (fixed cost) managed IT service from DocuSystems. Here are some of the features you’ll receive:


  • Reliable & Experienced Support Team

  • Always-ON Helpdesk

  • Onsite Support

  • Remote Support

  • Network Asset Management

  • Peripheral Devices Included– Printers, Routers, Scanners,…

  • Mobile Devices Included

  • Proactive IT Network Management

  • Network Status Reporting

  • Best IT Practices

  • Automation of IT Systems

  • IT Infrastructure Design

  • CIO Level IT Consulting

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Managed IT Service Benefits

All businesses rely on IT and they need to be managed by professionals. Our clients rely on the reliability, security, and redundancy of their business technology and data. These management solutions allow clients to have the assurance that major disasters are averted. Small inefficiencies that happen frequently cost a lot of money but can be identified and managed.

  • Fixed Monthly Bills– Predictability

  • Professional helpdesk– Total Care

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring– Higher Uptime

  • Proactive Management– Peace of Mind

  • All Your Network Devices Included– Full Service

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