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Religious & Non-Profits

Faith-based organizations of every denomination strive to fully engage their congregations at every opportunity. Most faith-based organizations want high quality documents that they can use to grow their message in the community and in the church. Some churches operate schools out of their place of worship. DocuSystems realizes this and can implement a strategy that can allow teachers to have the documents they need for their students, while allowing the church to print off bulletins and newsletters (among other things) on a weekly basis.
We also handle a variety of software solutions that can help the church edit and change different kinds of documents as needed. DocuSystems understands you are tasked with providing the latest in technology at a price your members can afford.  Many times there is a limited budget and only one device for everyone to share, so your tools must be versatile and reliable. Print bulletins, newsletters, budget reports, membership directories and fundraising materials affordably, incorporating full color without losing productivity or increasing costs.

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