voip managed voice services

and unified communications

Reliability. Collaboration. Flexibility. Simplicity. Cost Reduction.

Small-and medium-sized businesses everywhere are taking advantage of VoIP phone systems, and especially ‘unified communications’ features to save time, reduce costs, and work together more efficiently.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) refers to a phone service that can make calls using private computer networks, broadband Internet connections, domestically and around the world, bypassing traditional telephone technology. Of course, with VoIP you can also make calls to and from traditional landlines and cellphones. With VoIP, most domestic calling is offered at a flat rate and no long distance charges, saving you money.

One Integrated Application

Unified communications (UC) gets the name because it brings VoIP and many additional capabilities into one, integrated application. These include chat/instant messaging, voice- and video-conferencing, team collaboration spaces, remote presentation and desktop sharing, integration of calls and data with CRM, AI, and more. People us UC with office phones, computers and laptops, smartphones, web browsers, and applications. The cloud is a key enabler, too.

VoIP and unified communications have certainly made it easier for businesses to cope and enable work-from-home during COVID-19. Calls can transition with you seamlessly from the office to cellphone, to your laptop at home. Outgoing calls can display your company’s phone number to the called party, even if you are calling from your cell phone, at home, after hours – protecting your privacy and your business.

The pandemic won’t be around forever.


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