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Offering Enhanced Security
and Incident Response

Regardless of the industry or size of your business, there is a growing need to monitor your systems for potential threats – and have the capacity to respond quickly in the event of a compromise.

In addition to business technology monitoring, systems management, antivirus and help desk services, DocuSystems also offers enhanced levels of security protection and support for compliance.


The Challenge 

Security Your Business

Building a team of security specialists can be expensive and the costs might be difficult to justify, when thinking about building a team in-house.  Keeping one step ahead of threats requires 24×7 expertise and staffing, along with strong security tools and automation.

Using a Touch Phone

The Solution

DocuSystems has provided management services to the Myrtle Beach and Charleston business community with Managed Print, and Managed IT remote monitoring/remediation services. Building on those base services, DocuSystems invests in people and technologies to become a leading provider of Managed Security Services.

DocuSystems’ team of Security Specialists offers the following as part of Enhanced Security offerings:

  • Security Monitoring, Incident Detection and Response by Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • SIEM Deployment (Security Incident and Event Management) with AI-supported analysis, anomaly detection, and compliance reporting combined with Advanced endpoint Threat Protection

  • Security Awareness Training and testing

  • Threat response Workflow, with coordination between SOC, NOC and Help Desk, as required


The Results

When you partner with DocuSystems for Enhanced Security Services, you can enjoy the following additional benefits:

24/7 Security Monitoring and Threat Response

  • Confidence that your organization and network are protected 24/7

  • Avoid costly breaches, maintain your reputation, and build trust with your customers 

Best of Breed Security Technology

  • DocuSystems is constantly vetting advanced security solutions to keep our clients secure as attacks shift, new malware is created, or new tactics emerge 

Risk Assessment and Security Analysis

  • Outside perspective on identifying gaps in your organization’s security


  • Identify and mitigate gaps to enhance your attractiveness to suppliers that have compliance requirements, and meet your industry’s compliance mandates

Worry-Free Maintenance

  • Manage patches and updates for outdated systems to eliminate potential attacks

Extend Your Team

  • Work with internal IT team by offering advice and strategic direction to improve security

Lower Costs

  • Employee Costs – save on salaries, benefits, training and hiring costs

  • Staffing Costs – eliminate need for 24/7 staffing to monitor and respond to potential threats

  • Infrastructure and Licensing Costs – no need to build full security infrastructure

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