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Threat Intelligence

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing which makes staying ahead of bad actors even more important. With our cloud-based solutions, your business can respond quickly with critical, instantaneous updates to replace static and list-based antivirus solutions.


What can threat intelligence do for your business?

Recent studies show that it can take many weeks to recognize and contain a data security breach. With Enhanced Security measures, threat-hunting advanced endpoint protection, SIEM and logging, AI-enabled analytics and 24×7 Security Operations Center, you gain threat intelligence which proactively protects your networks and end users from malicious and unwanted URLs, mobile apps, files, and IP addresses by integrating accurate and timely alerts into your security solutions.


The Challenge 

Most cyber threats and attacks these days come at a target from many different directions at once. That’s why continually mapping connections between URLs, IPs, files and apps provides greater accuracy and predictive risk mitigation.

  • Several different tools are required, and the data they analyze must be shared and integrated for analysis

  • Just 10% of the internet is visible and indexed by the standard search engines

  • Dark web data is intentionally hidden

  • IT Teams use specialist knowledge, tools and services to search for compromised data

  • Specialists trained in incident analysis and response must monitor and be available to take action

  • To be most effective, security teams and applications need access to up-to-date threat intelligence databases, which continually receive input from multiple sources within the security community

The Solution

Managed Threat Intelligence

Compromised employee credentials

  • Identify compromised employee email and passwords that are for sale to the highest bidder before a breach occurs

  • Monitor the dark web for compromised information

  • Alert when to change passwords

Intrusion Detection

  • Threat intelligence is used by cyber security solutions

  • Block traffic from malicious IPs from entering your network

  • Real-time scans of phishing attacks before sites are visited

  • Score threats for investigation

  • Detect malicious file identifiers for investigation


The Results

Start detecting threats on day one with one unified service for threat detection, incident response and compliance support.

Stay ahead of the latest threats

  • Real time updates on emerging and evolving threats

  • Free up internal IT team to focus on other initiatives

Respond to threats faster

  • DocuSystems’ security operations center and helpdesk teams respond quickly and effectively

Integrated Solution

  • Threat intelligence is shared across our own cyber security solutions to accelerate detection and incident response.

Reduced cost and complexity

  • Gain enhanced security and peace of mind while avoiding the cost and complexity of maintaining multiple security solutions

  • Centralized security monitoring for critical assets across cloud environments and on – premise and technology, including endpoints, networks and cloud apps.

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